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Dearest you,

WordBender was built by hand in a friendly little RV under a big droopy Californian tree. My mission with the game is to encourage Brain Fitness – regular, healthy (and fun!) exercise for brains of all ages. Maybe also prove that more than just Meth can be created inside campers!

Each and every WordBender (a clever puzzler like you) helps the cause by playing/sharing the game, but also by encouraging all those great brains around us (young & old) to stay active so we can all be sharp for years to come! Will you join us? Or even just ‘Like’ us?

Wordfully yours,


Your Brain on WordBender

Regular exercise of that surprising large brain muscle of yours has proven to help improve cognitive function and memory, and reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s. You’ll think faster and focus better. And with words, you’re improving spelling and vocabulary at the same time!

Not bad result of playing a fun game, huh?!

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